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[Milan tour]Interior design – Visiting showroom Driade in Milan Italy


Ciao, this is Yasu. Today, I am going to introduce the 4th design showroom, Driade, in Milan Italy.


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What Brand is driade?

Driade is one of the representative Italian furniture brand which had been established in Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna state. Enrico Astori, CEO of the company, was in charge of planning and management, and his wife Adelaide Acerbi promote its brand and Enrico’s sister, Antonia Astori represented design. They has established originative brand.

If we express driade brand in one phrase, we may be able to say, “the most avant-garde brand with intelligence and originality”. In late 1900s when post-modern movement was becoming conspicuous, driade always was giving question “what is “modern”, and has released edgy products which astonished the world and has established its permanent place and evaluation. 

Basic Infromation:Place / Opening hour

Driade showroom is located in San Babira area in Milan. In this area, you can visit not only driade but also Cassina, B&B Italia and so on. This area should be first place you should visit when you come to Milan to go around design showrooms.

Place:Via Borgogna, 8, 20122 Milano, Italy
Time:10:00 – 19:00
Phone:+39 02 799957
Web : http://www.driade.com/

〈San Babia Showrooms〉
Cassina Showroom in Milan Italy

driade showroom entrance

driade showroom

 Driade avant-garde world is expressed inside and outside of the showroom. Its characteristics is tasteful interior decoration with high quality items.
Coordination with white-base sofa
Decorative table and chairs

Introduction of driade products

I introduce one interesting item which represents driade brand. Look at this! This looks like a face, isn’t it!? Its sense of existence is quite huge!! In fact, this is a chair, even if it looks not like a chair. This is called NEMO collaborated work with Fabio Novembre. It might be a typical symbol of driade world.

What is that face!!?
Other side of the face.
Impressive chair.

How was it?? These are typical Italian modern furniture which has strong impact. Please try to add some essence of driade design into your interior, if you like:)

Ciao ciao!


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