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Fantastic Ice breaking with drawing


There are many encounters in our life. When we first met with others, we introduce ourself each other. Sometimes, we do some activities, called ice breaking.
Here, I will introduce a great idea of ice breaking which designers suggest. It is so called “Drawing by left hand without looking at each other”.


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Lesson 1. Make a pair with new people and prepare papers and pencils

Every time before starting some activities, you may make a pair or a group. Nothing special here as well. Following precedent, you make a pair with new person who sits next to you. Special point here is that both of you need papers and pencils.

Lesson 2. Look at his/her face each other

Are you ready? Next step is super easy for you. Just look at his/her face each other. Usually people don’t look at face directly in Japan. So in this session, thousands of buzz has been happened. We Japanese people don’t have culture where looking at faces directly. In other words, we are too shy to see at eyes. However, this would be a great training for people to communicate in a different way, as if you became foreigner.

Lesson 3. Draw his/her face with your non-dominant hand

Lastly, draw his/her face! Release your mind! And point is to use your non-dominant hand! More over, don’t look at your hand which is drawing! Would it be impossible?? Never mind. It is totally not a problem if your drawing is better or not. Because your partner also faces same problem. You never need to draw well. Just release your mind and observe his/her face in detail. Even if you feel shy. Look at his/her eyes. Look at his/her nose. Look at his/her lip….. etc. etc. Through this activity, you both partner can close to each other deeply, without saying anything. This is the best ice breaking method ever before that I have experienced.

Ciao ciao!


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