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Draw freely, Moving your body without thinking!


What do we need BEFORE design? One thing that we need to know is to draw. But how should we draw? Usually if you are not educated as a designer or artist, you may hesitate to draw. You don’t know how you draw. However, here, you never need to stop drawing. All you need to do is to just RELEASE YOURSELF. Try to move your body as if you are baby.


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This is the number zero step, which means BEFORE design. Design needs both logical and emotional abilities and activities. In this step, you should forget about logical part of your life. You just release yourself, never think and consider.

2. Lesson 2. Draw as if you were a baby

Just draw. This is only one compass here you need to take. If I add one thing, try to find “newness”. This attitude must be really important as a designer. Even if you are just a beginner of design, you never need to hesitate.

3. Lesson 3. Give a frame from your original point of view

After drawing, try to frame the best part of your painting. Where is the most beautiful part of your paint? And why? Here is the starting point of logical thinking of design. After experiencing emotional part of design, you will feel other part of design, which is logical part.

Ciao ciao!!


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