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[Milan Tour]Interior design – Visiting showroom Glas Italia in Milan Italy


Buongiorno! This is Yasu from Japan. This is the 5th article of Milan showroom. Today, I am about to introduce Glas Italia.


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What brand is Glas Italia?

Glas Italia is the most famous glass specialist in Italy  as its name suggested. However, they doesn’t provide glass material itself. Instead, they offer furniture which is made of glass. It is typically Italian, I think, that the company designs and provides furniture, focusing on a specific material itself, in this case, glass material. Historically, Glas Italia has been established in Brianza Italy in 1970s. In the beginning, they started their business as a small family business as is usual with other Italian brands. Gradually, they has grown their business as world class well-known company with strong passion towards glass manufacture, taking into account of strict quality control of lombard industry. They has positively collaborated with famous designers such as Piero Lissoni, and has been valuate because of its high quality of technology and sophisticated design in the world. Of course, Glas Italia is a regular attendant of Salone del Mobile in Milan. Japanese designers such as Tokujin Yoshioka, Naoto Fukasawa, Nendo also has collaborated with them.

Basic Information:Place/Opening hour

Glas Italia showroom is located in a place a bit far from San Babira where other brands gather. It may be better to get off at Missori metro station and go down from Corso Italia until Via Santa Sofia. Otherwise, you should get on a bus number 94.

Basic Information
Glas Italia HP: http://www.glasitalia.com/
Place:Via Santa Sofia 27, Milan (Flagship store)
Opening hour:Tue〜Sat 10:00 – 19:00

Glas Italia showroom

From outside, we can see walls which are all made of glasses, as if representing its brand identity. Additionally, inside of the showroom, all products are integrated as glass material. In really modern impressive shop, astonishing glass made products exist with wide and simple space.

Its office is also located inside, cool milanese staffs welcome you with kind smile. I was quite envious that they can work in such a really stylish office.

Outside of the showroom
Orange glass door and stylish logo
Glass table reflecting light

Glas Italia Products

I could see products created by Nendo, Naoto Fukasawa, and Patricia Ulquiola from Spain. We can deeply immerse ourself into sophisticated and modern world of glass material products branded by Glas Italia. From Japanese point of view, this glass world can not be imagined as furniture and interior context. I mean it is so exotic for Japanese that we can not create these brand identity.  Behind those products and brand, I felt that rich interior culture in Milan where usual people has high sense and strict mind to select furniture.

Specialising into specific material, Glas Italia leads world furniture industry with design and technology. We can learn a lot of things from them in terms of design and brand strategy as well.

Ciao ciao!



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