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[Milan tour]Interior Design – Visiting Kartell showroom in Milan Italy

Kartell showroom

Ciao! This is Yasu(@ys_h). The 3rd episode of the series “Milan Design Showrooms”. I am going to introduce about Kartell showroom in Milan.



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What brand is Kartell?

Kartell is one of the most innovative Italian company who could be called as the pronoun of Italian plastic furniture brand. In 1949, Julio Castelli, who was a chemical engineer, has built this company in Rombardia Italy. At first period of its foundation, Kartell had started its business from car parts, home goods and light parts. Then, they shift their business to innovative furniture manufacturing, utilising its plastic processing technology. They has been collaborating with world famous designers such as Enzo Mari, Marco Zanuso, Vico Magistretti and Philippe Starck. They has acquired a bunch of prizes with their design, quality and originality. Their products also has been highly evaluated so that those products has been collected in some museums as permanent collections. Japanese designers such as Tokujin Yoshioka, Nendo also have collaborated with them as well.

Basic information of the showroom: Place/Opening hours etc.

Kartell is located near from the area of Brera. The nearest station is Turati of Yellow line.

Place : Via Filippo Turati, Angolo Via Carlo Porta 1, 20121 Milan

Opening hours: Mon 15:00-19:00, Tue-Fri 10:00-19:00

Kartell showroom with big logo

Kartell Showroom

This showroom is full of essences of Kartell brand. Modern furniture with vivid colour made of plastic material attract visiter’s curious mind.
Vivid furniture, yellow, green, red
Purple chair, red base

Introduction of Kartell products

This is the first Kartell product that I really want to introduce to you. What do you think it is??

Colourful, wind shape things

This is book shelfs, as a matter of fact! Woow! Really? It looks like worms that is walking on the wall! It is called “bookworm”, which name is so funny and showing its shape and looks. But it seems so hard to put as many books as possible on it. It is not necessarily for this product. This is the way of this brand. It changed the meaning of usual bookshelf.

Bookshelf usually means “shelf where books can be placed”, which has “functional value” more than “emotional value”. But in this case, bookworm has changed its original meaning into “emotional value”. 

This is an example of “innovation of meaning” which professor Roberto Verganti, Politecnico di Milano tought us .

Next is a lamp, which has beautiful curve on his neck.

Beautiful lamp with curvy neck like elephant ivory

This table lamp called “Taj Mini” is designed by Ferruccio Laviani. It eliminated functional looking of neck of usual table lamp and realised simple shape. LED touch switch gives user easy usability to use it. 2 options of sizes can be selected.

From now, Kartell will launch its sub-brand named “Kartell Kids”. Nendo has already joined on it in several projects and interesting products has been already released. We must follow Kartell movement, trying to challenge in new lineup!

Ciao ciao!!



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