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[Milan tour] Interior design – De Padova showroom in Milan Italy


Have you ever seen a showroom which is breathtaking? In Milan Italy, you can encounter those kind of positively speechless showrooms, as if they were museums with full of arts. I have no doubt to select De Padova as the first example of such an astonishing showroom in Milan. In this time, I would like to introduce De Padova showroom which absolutely made you feel specially impressive.


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What brand is Da Padova?

De Padova is definitely one of the most prestigious Italian interior brand, even though it is not enough well known in Japan. It has been established by Mr. and Mrs. De Padova in 1956.  As its main characteristics, they don’t have any specific style and region which represents its brand identity. Instead, they offer products with their strongly unique and sophisticated coordination. It is strongly supported by upper social classes who are called Borghese living in northern Italy.

Nordic modern + Italian modern style

Its style is often described as “Nordic modern + Italian modern” in one phrase.  Warm woody characteristics being typical of Danish and Swedish Scandinavian design and Italian elegance exist together with well balance.

De Padova atmosphere “The wealthy does not fight each other”

This showroom shows special first class atmosphere. Walls are white block style, which can add accent on its furniture of De Padova. Utilising huge space, those interiors create breathtaking atmosphere. Based on black and white, woody colour, high-sense violet and yellow colour give accents on its background. You may be able to hear greetings among Borghese who enjoy tea time, saying “Welcome home!”.

Story telling showroom like a movie or music experience

 In its showroom itself, you can feel story of its brand. You can immerse yourself into De Padova world like a movie or music, experiencing brand story. Before entering its entrance, walking through long corridor, straight long light line guides you into the store in a cool way. This slightly darkness and faint and elegant light on your feet provide visitors sense of elation as if they became children. Once you enter the showroom, opposite to its elegance, charming and blight Italian ladies warmly welcome you with cheerful smiles:) For me, I could feel released a little bit, because of its too sophisticated mood. On the first floor, that is its furniture showroom. So spacious that you can walk thorough as you can hear sound of your foot steps. Most precious time will come in the second floor. You will never forget once you arrive at the space where is so sophisticated room. I have dreamt that I would be able to live in such a beautiful interior space in a future day.


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