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Who is your PhD dissertation for? -an essence for PhD candidate-


What does it mean to write a doctoral dissertation?

The first thing you’ll be asked when you enter a doctoral program, and continue to be asked while you’re there, is a simple question.

This simple question, as it is, is profound.

How deep is it?
You will have more than a dozen lectures only for this theme.

In the beginning, I was like “heh”, just listened to the words of the professor.

However, in fact, I am beginning to feel that what I am learning here is an essence that is slowly seeping into my body and mind through interactions with the science committee.

I will write down the essence of it here, one by one, just as I felt it, so that I don’t forget it.


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What is a thesis? 

If you have ever written a “thesis”, you may have some idea of what it means.

The first time I wrote a “thesis” was a graduation thesis.

At that time, I don’t really know what a “thesis” is anymore, and I remember having a very hard time writing it.

Basically, a thesis is consist of questions and arguments.

While the questions and the arguments are undoubtedly two important elements which need to meet certain requirements.

The questions must be required “why is it so important to be asked”?

The argument made, and by what methodologies, and how are the scientific arguments are built up?

If these are not fulfilled, it is basically not a thesis. 

Up to this point, the standard of a graduation thesis and a doctoral dissertation are different, but the key points required are the same.

Who is this paper for?

I think this perspective is an important aspect that only a doctoral dissertation will ask to you.

It means that you can’t simply write an excellent paper.

Who is this paper for?

This, needless to say, is, first and foremost, for the science committee of that discipline.

So, specifically, who are they?

Can you imagine concrete people as much as possible?

This perspective is very important.

Furthermore, it’s not just for the science committee.

We need to send out specific messages and combine the newly generated knowledge into the “GAS tank of science”.

Write your paper with this in mind.

In other words, communication is important.

This will lead to the story of the “GAS” tank, but that’s it for today.

Ciao, grazie.


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