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How would business be after corona? ”Business in the New Normal” webinar by Prof. Roberto Verganti


It’s been nearly two months since the lockdown was done in Italy, and it seems that it is gradually regaining calmness. In 4th May, the lockdown is alleviated little by little, and Italy is about to enter the post-corona and with-corona world.

The world after and with corona is called “New Normal” in Europe and Western world. A new daily life, different from the past, will come. Discussions are beginning on how to live with Corona.


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How will your business change with New Normal?

Meanwhile, the other day, Prof. Robert Verganti, who has moved from Politecnico di Milano to the Stockholm University of Economics and is doing research on design management leadership at the forefront, was holding a webinar.

The theme was about “business in the new normal”.

Youtube video is also available, so I will share it here.

The key questions and themes are:

“How will business change in the new normal?”

“it will change from the business centered on competition. It will be more important for an organization to collaborate, experiment, and learn with people from various industries.”

“Learning by sharing” can create new value, which is also economically rational. “

Consideration: In the New Normal world, venture companies can play a central role.

I think that various considerations can be made from here, but I would like to consider from the perspective of New Normal and venture companies.

In the New Normal world, I wonder if venture companies can actually play a central role.

If experimentation and collaboration are important, it seems that a venture company with only a challenging spirit and a dream, instead of originally having resources, is a perfect match for the business feeling of this world view.

Experiment without fear of failure. But on the other hand, they don’t have enough resources, so they have to get help. Cooperating with universities, accelerators of large companies, and freelancers to advance business is exactly the way a venture company lives.

The world view of Learning by sharing may be, in a sense, a positively welcomed world for venture companies.

Ciao grazie!



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